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The Comfy Horse Product Reviewers


Here at The Comfy Horse Company our friends and their horses are always trying our products and giving us feedback, but we thought it was important to also have independent product reviewers to ensure we were not biased as we also choose the products to promote.

Each month our reviewers get something new to try and the reviews are published on our Facebook page and under Product Reviews on our website. You can buy from us with the confidence that each product has been carefully chosen and trialled to ensure that it meets the ethos of The Comfy Horse Company and is beneficial and comfortable for horse and rider!

The Team


Claire looks after our independent product reviewers, sending out the trial products, answering queries and collating all the reviews. She is also kept busy with our social media presence, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram updates and all marketing for The Comfy Horse Company!





Lizzie has competed in show jumping and hunter trials from a very young age. She and her horse Victor enjoy show jumping, le trec and even bareback dressage!

Lizzie runs her own business ECM Equestrian Exercise Service and you can follow her on




Laura and Harvey are a lovely team who do a bit of everything! They compete successfully in dressage and are aiming for elementary this year, Harvey is a 14 year old heavyweight traditional cob who Laura has had the pleasure of owning, breaking in and training for 11 years. Harvey loves food! ANY food.

Currently sponsored by Blue Chip Feed and K Allen Photography. Supported by LME Bridlework

Follow Laura on facebook – This Cob Can


Kirsty runs a lovely equestrian blog on her own website,  Equispire is an online hub with a mission to inspire the everyday equestrian. Kirsty has owned Lizzie for 11 years and they enjoy hacking in the country, polework and groundwork. Lizzy is a sensitive mare who will be the perfect candidate to try Comfy Horse products and give her approval!