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Kerrits product reviews

Kerrits Flow Rise Performance Tights

Throughout the month of October I was given a pair of Kerrits jodhpurs to trial and review, by #ComfyHorseCompany!
This type of Kerrit are made of a thin elastic material, with loads of give, the knee grips are suede for extra grip in the saddle.
I love my Kerrits jodhpurs, due to them being very skin tight they help with keeping my body temperature constant. Don’t let the thin material put you off though these are the most durable jodhpurs I’ve tried and tested, I wear them for work and riding all the time and they still look brand new!
I got sent these in grey at first I didn’t think I would like them in this colour but once I put them on I loved them! They grey makes them seem more sport in my opinion. The material is very figure hugging so will flatter any body shape, I’m a size 14 and I love how these jodhpurs show off my curves and my sister who is a size 6 also has a pair and she looks just as good!
I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a sporty luxe jodhpur for any time of the year. LIZZIE