Amy Russell

Amy and her ‘Coloured Dancing Pony’ Skye kick off their first ever Comfy Horse Company review with a pair of the HUSK exercise boots…

Amy tried and tested the HUSK Titan 3D Shield Air Rock BootsAmy Husk 1
Before I had this opportunity I had already heard a lot of positive comments and reviews about the technology behind HUSK. It is a very common subject; how heat is a known factor for encouraging damage to horses’ legs. So to find a product that promotes keeping the legs cool, I was definitely keen to give them a try!
I first tried the boots at a Cavaletti Clinic. The session lasted around 45 minutes and it really got Skye thinking about what she was doing with her feet. Working over Cavaletti poles, I really wanted something that would fully protect her legs, not restrict her movement and, most importantly, keep her legs cool.

Amy Husk 3

I used another highly-rated cool performance boot on her hind legs, so they were worn for the same length of time, and it was clear to see which boots kept her legs cooler; no sweating, no boot marks – Husk won hands down. They definitely keep the legs cool whilst in work.
The design of the boots is really attractive, black with grey binding, and great for everyday use. They don’t show up the dirt, but can be fully washed with the hose if needed and will be dry within half an hour.
I’ve been able to use this size on both of my girls. I sometimes feel that I’m having to fasten them quite tightly, particularly on Katy, but this could just be because they do still feel rather new even though I’m using them daily, so durability and quality are clearly a positive. Amy Husk rock 3
I would highly recommend the Husk products, particularly the Husk Titan 3D Shield Air Rock Boots for everyday use, schooling, hacking and jumping; they are great for all disciplines.
As I mainly do dressage, I would like to see how they compare to the all black Husk La Irenita boots also available from The Comfy Horse Company

“They definitely keep the legs cool whilst in work.”
“They can be washed with the hose and will be dry within half an hour.”
“Great for all disciplines.”


Laura Warburton

Laura schools her cob Harvey in a set of HUSK exercise bandages and gives her verdict on their compatibility with lots of feather! Laura Husk bandages 1

Laura tried and tested the HUSK Exercise Air Bandages
What can I say… wow! My first impression was that the colours are amazing! Oxford Blue, Pure White, Titan Black, Fuschia Pink, Lipstick Red, and, of course, my favourite, Purple! You really do have to see them for yourself.
All bandages come in sets of four. They have proven natural air technology and are fully breathable. They are flexible, yet supportive due to the 3D material, but also super lightweight and quick to dry, which means no sweat! This is essential on a cob like Harvey who is heavy feathered.
The bandages are quite tricky to put on, as they don’t grip to the material when you initially apply them. However, once you manage to get a good grip and keep them in place, then they are quick to put on! I also found that they don’t pick up as much sand from the arena as normal fleece bandages do.
I tried the bandages with the HUSK bandage pads and without. I would 100% recommend to use the bandages with the bandage pads, because I found that the bandages slipped down on Harvey’s legs without the pads underneath. I’m not sure if this is because he has a lot of feather or it would be the same on all horses.
Laura Husk bandages 2
I used the bandages numerous times while schooling and I had a 45 minute training session in them. Immediately after the session I checked Harvey’s legs (bandage pads on the front, no pads on the back). His legs were not sweaty at all, nor were they particularly warm to touch. This is amazing; because he is heavy feathered, I do not want to risk overheating his tendons!
I would absolutely recommend these to anyone for day-to-day schooling, or even for competition warm-up as they do come in Pure White!

“The colours are amazing!”
“They don’t pick up as much sand from the arena as normal fleece bandages do.”
“After a 45 minute training session, his legs were not sweaty at all.”



Jess Bright

Jess gives the HUSK saddle pad a go on her very sensitive gelding Zig. Will Zig give it a hooves up, or hooves down…?

Jess tried and tested the HUSK Breathe Saddle ClothJess GP Husk 1
This pad is the equestrian equivalent of opening a box with a big, delicious chocolate cake inside. Although we’d also like the cake, this saddle pad is absolutely stunning!
It’s quite thick and padded, so I wasn’t convinced that Zig would be less sweaty in this than in his usual, old rag of a saddle pad. However, it is super soft, squishy and flexible. The best thing for me is it contours with the horse’s back and is slightly cut back at the shoulders and wither. It is very well designed.
The material is full of tiny holes, which allows water to pass straight through, creating an almost instant drying effect and making it breathable; perfect for all conditions. It is also shock absorbent, incredibly lightweight and, considering the thickness, does not create any pressure points or alter the saddle’s fit.
Jess 2 Husk close upRiding Zig in this for the first time is what really won me over. He is incredibly sensitive to the slightest bit of pressure in the wrong place and will let you know. He’s nice like that! However, he went beautifully… well, he realised he had full movement of his shoulders and almost knocked himself out over the first jump!
For the first time in a while he really felt smooth and confident over the jumps whilst keeping balanced and not throwing his toys out of the pram (or going a million miles an hour). There was no restriction and he loved it. The best part was the spine stayed right up in the saddle’s channel the whole ride and Zig was bone dry when I took the saddle off.
I could rave about this incredible saddle pad for hours. It worked perfectly for my saddle but, equally, would be great for monoflaps. It’s perfect for horses who are sensitive or cold backed, or anyone just wanting a good looking jump pad. Head over to The Comfy Horse Company to see the full range of HUSK pads; they have just released some stunning new colours.

“This pad is the equestrian equivalent of opening a box with a big, delicious chocolate cake inside.”
“It contours with the horse’s back and is slightly cut back at the shoulders and wither.”
“There was no restriction [of movement] and Zig loved it.”

Elise Blair

Elise tries out the HUSK exercise boots on her horse Dave and is pleasantly surprised…

 Elise tried and tested the HUSK Titan 3D Shield Target Protection Boots
Elise Husk boots 1
Read the full review on her blog:


“This mesh is what makes their products extremely breathable.”

“Lovely fit on the horse’s legs, moulding perfectly to their shape.”

“I was very impressed at how well they worked!”


Sam Walkman

Sam is over the moon to have discovered HUSK products for her horse, Oz!

Sam tried and tested the HUSK 3D Shield Air Boots
Sam Husk Boots 2
I’m fortunate to have been introduced to my first ever HUSK product by The Comfy Horse Company; a pair of HUSK 3D Shield Air Boots! I can’t actually believe that, of all the boots I have bought in the past, I hadn’t come across these.
I’m always looking for a nice lightweight boot that keeps the legs cool, as I have a real thing about Oz’s legs getting too hot. These ticked the boxes perfectly; the first boots I have tried that have.
They are incredibly lightweight and as of yet, his legs haven’t got too warm or sweaty. The fit of them is also perfect.
I really like these boots and I would definitely recommend and purchase again. I will be looking to buy a pair for his hinds, as I’m that pleased with them.


“They are incredibly lightweight.”
“The fit is perfect.”
“I’m always looking for a nice lightweight boot that keeps the legs cool… these ticked the boxes perfectly.”

Jess Campbell

Vet Jess tried out the HUSK bandages after her horse, Dan, knocked himself in the stable…

Jess tried and tested the HUSK BandagesJess C Husk Bandages
I was very kindly given these bandages to try by The Comfy Horse Company after Dan knocked himself in the temporary stables at Houghton – a very silly little bash but also a disaster because it meant he couldn’t compete. I hadn’t put stable bandages on him because I’m a paranoid vet and was worried about over heating his tendons.
Problem solved! The HUSK bandages are an absolute godsend. In combination with the HUSK bandage liners they are exceptionally light and completely breathable. I couldn’t believe how cold Dan’s legs were when I took the bandages off in the morning, it was as if he hadn’t had anything on at all.
Due to the nature of the fabric they are very slightly more difficult to put on than a traditional stable or fleece bandage, as they are a little slidy to hold on to, but once in place they don’t slip or move at all.
I recommend these very highly and will be using them every time my horses are stabled away in temporary stables from now on!

“The HUSK bandages are an absolute godsend.”
“They are exceptionally light and completely breathable.”
“I recommend these very highly.”

There is more information and prices about our HUSK range here