June 2019

Hello, Den here!
Can you believe it’s June already? Half way through the year – madness!
After the slight palava of the polework clinic just before Easter, I was back out flexing all the right muscles recently at another dressage to music competition; this time at Bury Farm. Now, I don’t like to blow my own trumpet (excuse the musical pun!), but I’m obviously naturally gifted at this. I do believe it takes a real horse to be able to succeed at dressage to music, and I put it down to my naturally good physique and ear for a rhythm.
Oops, I digress already; “how did you do, Den?” I hear you all cry! Well, we scored 68% and (drumroll please)… we won!  Oh, the glory! It was a wonderful moment to see that shiny red rosette making its way over to me.
And the good news doesn’t stop there; we’re currently lying fourth on the medium freestyle to music leaderboard! The top 10 go through to the music championship in August, so, by my maths, we’re in with a pretty good chance!
Mum and I have also qualified for three area festivals at medium level and are planning on competing at two over the summer. It’s going to be a busy time for Team Den!
Oh, but guess what? I’m currently bed bound. Don’t panic, I’m fine, but I had to have an operation on my sinus, which means I’m currently, as mum puts it, “enjoying my holiday”. Now, I don’t like to be ungrateful, but when I think ‘holiday’ what doesn’t come to mind is living out with little (big) brother De Coeur while he bangs on about his own training and competition schedule, knowing full well I have to have a whole month off to recover. I mean, it’s not really worthy of a ‘Wish You Were Here’ moment is it?! Give me a week in the Bahamas, a long weekend in the Lake District even – no, stick me in a field 24/7 with De Coeur. Thanks mum, I love you too.
Things aren’t all bad. I have my new green bamboo saddlepad to get back to when I’m back up and running.
I really feel I’m doing my bit for the environment when I wear this; I truly am going green (see what I did there?!) According to the Comfy Horse website, it is the “perfect nature-friendly choice” and yes, that is me modelling it on the website – form an orderly queue, ladies!
Seriously though, if you need a new saddlepad, this one’s super soft and is also antibacterial, which makes me good to go straight after my work-out to see Gaby. I really think pandas are missing out eating this bamboo stuff rather than wearing it. It’s amazing!
Talking of Gaby, after asking you guys last time for some advice on how to woo her, I seem to have worked it out all by myself! I don’t know if it’s the sheepskin noseband on my headcollar, or the way my hindquarters sway as I walk off the lorry, but she’s all over me and at night we’ve even been known to have a little kiss through the hole in the wall. Don’t tell her, but sometimes, once she’s fast asleep, I pull all her rugs through the hole with my super nimble nose and sleep with them in my bed. The scent of her never fails to give me the best night’s sleep. Love really does change everything.
Until next time,
Den x