February 2019

Hi everyone, Den here!
I hope you’ve all had a fabulous start to 2019! When we last caught up, I was telling you how I was trying to balance my training schedule with the Christmas festivities, making sure I stayed super fit for the BD Winter Regionals. I’ve had a busy old time since then, and have started those dressage to music classes we were talking about as well! 
I must admit, I was a little dubious when mum first mentioned dressage to music. I couldn’t see why anyone would need any more entertainment than my wonderful self cantering gracefully around the arena. But now I’ve given it a go, I have to say, I LOVE IT!
We went to Addington at the end of January and I did us both proud. You can check me out in musical action on the Comfy Horse Company Facebook page – Comfy Horse aficionado and mum’s friend, Laura, kindly filmed us. Luckily she got my best side (which is both!) Oh, and the video’s got hundreds of views already – thanks guys! I can see a Den fan club in the making…
I’m pretty sure mum had the time of her life too; although I did hear murmurings over the stable door of being worried I might get a little ahead or behind the music. Hmm…
So next up in our calendar was the Regionals. I was pumped, trained, groomed and ready, and then, the white fluffy stuff came floating from the sky and my chances of picking up a ribbon that week hit the ground like a sack of carrots.
Yes, the Regionals were cancelled due to inclement weather and so it was a snow day for me. Mum dressed me up (yes, it happened again) in my pyjamas to keep the cold out. They’re blue and fleecy with sheep on. Little (big) brother De Coeur spent much of the day looking at me, but I’m sure it was just in admiration – or he was counting sheep – one of the two.
But all is not lost… the show has been re-booked AND there is word of me flying! I know, it’s all too exciting!
Mum said because I’m struggling a bit (a bit, not much) with my simple changes, she is thinking of teaching me flying changes. I just know I’ll pick these up straight away – I was born to fly! Oh, and mum’s also booked me on to a polework clinic, which the way I see it, can only lead to one thing… flying over fences! I can’t wait to feel the wind in my mane – I’ll let you know how we get on.
Now, February is the month of love, and I don’t think mum could say “I love you, Dennis” more than by getting me one of the amazing new Husk saddlepads from the Comfy Horse Company website. Apparently they’re fully ventilated, perfect for the warmer spring weather and my important training schedule, and really soft and well padded. Oh, and they’re cut away at the front to give the wither more freedom – a sort of ‘sport mode’, if you will – for when I go flying. The question is, which colour will suit my coat tone? Grey or burgundy? Answers on a postcard please.
Until next time,
Den x