December 2018

Hi, I’m Dennis, but you can call me Den,
Welcome to my diary!
So my mum, Harri (short for Harriet) is a Comfy Horse Company sponsored rider. It’s a very responsible job and, of course, she couldn’t do it without me, her wonderfully talented Irish Sports Horse.
Mum’s idea of a happy Christmas is dressing me in reindeer antlers. I know what you’re thinking; for what use would I ever need a pair of antlers on my head? She has a keenness for dressing me up and pointing her phone at me – I can’t imagine the camera on that thing shows me off at my best (I have standards to uphold, what with being the original Comfy Horse supermodel and all), but what can you do? That said I love her to bits and she does spoil me rotten, I can’t deny it.
My little (big) brother De Coeur tries to keep up with all the stardom, but he’s only young – he’ll learn. We do like going out in the paddock together after I’ve done my morning workout (schooling, hacking, lunging – you name it, I do it) – and I like to show him a few moves.
I’m dreaming of a comfy Christmas this year – lots of gifts to keep me warm in this charming British weather, oh, and a little time off work perhaps! Of course, I have to keep my eye on the ball as I have my training schedule to stick to for the British Dressage Winter Regionals final in a few weeks, and going out competing in some music classes as well. Those rosettes aren’t going to win themselves!
With all that work on the horizon, I’m going to need a couple of additions to my wardrobe – mostly one or two new exercise sheets from the Comfy Horse website. If mum wants me in peak fitness, she’s going to have to keep my bum warm along the way. What’s all this talk about keeping the hind quarters engaged anyway? All I know is, it’s probably not going to happen if there are icicles forming on it!
I particularly like the look of their Kavalkade rain exercise sheet. They say it’s: easy to put on and take off with its velcro fastenings; rain and wind resistant (essential); and even lined with a 260g fleece (cosy!) and finished with reflective piping so I’ll always be seen!
It’s such good value and I need to look good in the warm up ring – rubbing shoulders with those Warmbloods, I need to hold my own. Christmas is a time of giving after all!
Merry Christmas everyone! Have fun!
Den x