April 2019

Hello, Den here!Den and grass April 2019
The clocks have gone forward, spring has sprung and I can see – and taste! – the green stuff again. I’m loving life!
I must say it’s not all been plain sailing since I last wrote to you all. Do you remember last time I told you mum had booked me on to a polework clinic? Well, when she said ‘me’ what she actually meant was ‘we’ because guess who came along… yes, little (big) brother DeCouer.
Now, don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with DeCouer wanting to come along and learn from the best; I have taught him everything he knows, after all. What I do have a problem with is him thinking he’s some sort of stunt double for the Easter Bunny. Polework does what it says on the tin, right? You work in a beautiful outline over some poles on the ground or slightly raised off the ground.
De Coeur poles!This isn’t how it works in DeCouer’s world. He jumped massively over every one of the poles with a huge grin on his face. He really showed himself up; I mean, it was embarrassing. He seems to think he’s now kind of a big deal in show jumping circuits. Mum should probably save up to buy him some ear covers and matchy-matchy saddlecloth. Honestly.
Meanwhile I was getting more than I bargained for when I said last time that I couldn’t wait to feel the wind in my mane. I couldn’t get away from the wind at all, mane, tail, up my belly, you name it, I felt it. It was a horribly cold day and blowing a flipping gale. I heard it was Gareth’s fault, whoever he is? I don’t think Valegro has to put up with these sorts of conditions!
The only saving grace was that Gaby was there too. Gaby is one of the mares on the yard; she’s so lovely and I think she actually likes me, but she’s kind of keen one minute and not the next. Any suggestions out there as to how I can woo her?

Polework April 2019

Luckily, things got better after the polework clinic. Gareth went away and I’ve since enjoyed some days out naked in the paddock – just what I need for Gaby to see my chic physique.
We also had another Comfy Horse photoshoot; I just love doing these shoots! I’m a seasoned pro, which is lucky for DeCoeur as he decided he wanted to get involved again and I was able to show him the ropes. Goodness knows what chaos would have ensued otherwise.
Something a bit special caught my eye during the photoshoot – the Stubben Equisoft girth. I’m really quite taken by it; I gave it a good sniff while it was hung over my stable door. It comes with a choice of fluffy pads, which sit against your belly and look so comfy, and it has these elastic strips, which are supposed to allow us to expand our chests during exercise and keep our heart rates down. Get me and my ‘sciency’ knowledge – I’m not just a pretty face!
With my strict exercise regime to stick to, I don’t think mum can say no to one of these girths for me. I’ll make sure she gets on the Comfy Horse website and spends some of those pennies.
Enjoy the spring sunshine and have a lovely Easter!
Den x
Den and Equisoft Girth