Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle All the Way! Oh what fun it is to read all about Den’s fun-filled days, hey!

Hi everyone, Den here!

Yes, I am just a little excited about Christmas! I actually can’t wait!

The reason I’m dreaming of ‘dashing through the snow’, is not because I want to be broken to harness, oh no, it’s because mum and Matt (my new best buddy instructor person) have been teaching me the most magical thing – flying changes! I’m a born natural at these – I prepare, I leap and I fly – before gracefully returning to earth on the other leg.

Flying changes – Den style!

Of course, I picked this move up in no time, but mum and Matt say I always squeal when I perform them on demand in my lessons, but I don’t squeal when I randomly do them of my own accord.

I guess, thinking about it, they’re right – it’s the anticipation in my lessons, all the build up, you know? So I let out a little squeal. But when I decide to throw one in out hacking or during a dressage test when mum hasn’t asked for it, it’s just like a random leap of faith that comes over me!

Apparently these natural, non-squealy ones are generally better anyway, so mum says I need to do them like this, but only when she asks for them. She says I definitely have to wait for her to ask for them when we’re out dressaging otherwise we lose marks. Confused? Me too! It’s mentally exhausting. I mean, when Den flies, he flies – don’t go complicating the ins and outs, mum!

Matt Mum and Den

Luckily Matt’s really nice to me and we’re soon going out to compete in Advanced Medium (yes, DeCoeur, you heard your big bro right, Advanced Medium!) so I’ll need to be at the top of my game.

In other news, how flipping wet has it been recently?! Honestly, I feel like I haven’t been completely dry for like a century! It’s gross, someone up there really needs to turn the tap off and give us all a break.

I’ve been hearing a lot of talk about mud fever amongst the girls and guys here. Can anyone shed any light on what this is? It sounds awful but apparently Comfy Horse Company’s very own Laura is putting up an article on the website soon, so hopefully all will become clear.

Meanwhile in the shiny, show biz world of little, big brother DeCoeur (sigh), he finally has his own show outfit, which, more importantly, means that I get my Mattes Comfy Horse branded pad back! You may remember me saying last time how I had to put my hoof down when I saw him sporting a very similar Mattes pad to mine. The things I have to put up with!

He now has is own white, shiny Sateen saddle pad, which has a breathable lining and a fancy 3D Mesh Air back stripe to keep his back comfy. He is also trialling the new KM Elite Pro Mesh Hybrid boots – in white of course so he’s matchy matchy. Apparently, they’re very light and very flexible!

I’ve been giving DeCoeur some lessons on how to really put things to the test, as that’s very important to us here at Comfy Horse HQ. We don’t want you guys buying anything that hasn’t passed our rigorous comfort testing; Captain Quality Control is my middle name!

Of course Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without… presents! Mum helped Laura and the team out on the CHC stand at Your Horse Live in November. I spotted her coming back to the yard with a few bags and a couple of gems that caught my eye. I think I may have seen a fancy Elevator double bridle (eek!) – I’m trying to banish negative thoughts from my mind that it could be for DeCoeur – and there was definitely something else shiny with my name on it…..

Santa’s coming people! Enjoy the festivities and I’ll catch up with you all in the New Year.

Den x