August 2019

Hello, Den here!    Den August 2019
Did you miss me? It’s felt like a long couple of months since I last wrote to you all, as I’ve been recovering from my sinus op, but I’m now back up and running! Oh yes, no more being DeCoeur’ed out in the field 24/7 – Team Den is all systems go.
In fact, I’ve not long been back from the U25s Championships at Sheepgate and mum and me are back there just after the Bank Holiday weekend for the Music Championships! Remember me saying we were lying fourth on the Medium Freestyle to Music leaderboard back in June and that the top 10 go through to the Championship in August? Well, here we are! Den, it’s time to get those dancing shoes back on, buddy, and do what you do best – dance, dance! (cue Fall Out Boy).
Talking of shoes, mum was less than impressed the other week. We were supposed to pop over to Addington for a little ‘impromptu’ practice, but I accidentally stood on the toe clip of my shoe, so we couldn’t go. C’est la vie. Don’t ‘blame it on the boogie’, people!
Now, luckily for little (big) brother DeCoeur, I was well enough before my return to work to be able to mentor him through his last few competitions over the stable door.
Den and DeCoeur
He recently finished 9th at the Novice Petplan Area Festival, qualifying for the second rounds. Very credible, but he couldn’t have done it without me.One judge decided to score him 70% (they were obviously feeling a little giddy) and mum has been going round claiming he is currently the ‘star of the show’. Well, you can imagine what this is doing to him. If his head gets any bigger, mum won’t be able to get his bridle on and then we’ll see how many rosettes he brings home. Tut!
In the meantime, mum’s taking him to his first stay away show at the end of the month – the Petplan Elementary. At least I can have a quiet night in to myself. Just me and my haynet. Silver linings and all that.
In other news, my bamboo saddlepad that I mentioned last time is still my most favorite thing ever, but DeCoeur now has one too, so we look a little ‘tweedledee and tweedledum’. I think mum thinks we look cute dressed the same, but I had to put my hoof down when I saw him also sporting the Comfy Horse logo on the same white Mattes saddlepad that I have. It’s an honour to wear that logo, DeCoeur, make sure you earn it!

DeCouer bamboo pad

Still, sharing is caring, right? We’ve both been out competing in the Stubben Equisoft girth; that one I had my eye on during the photoshoot back in April, if you remember? Well, mum bought me one and DeCoeur’s been wearing it too. It’s fine; it is the comfiest girth ever and I couldn’t say no to that eager little face.
Aztec blue setThat said, I do need a little distinction in my life – something that screams Team Den. I’ve had a scroll through the Comfy Horse website and found the perfect solution; a pair of the new blue La Irenita Husk boots! They’re perfect for dressage and fully ventilated to stop my legs overheating during my workouts. It’s a 3D honeycomb-like material that does it… sounds delicious!
In October I’m off to the Draught Horse Championship. It’s all go, isn’t it? Wish me luck and I’ll update you all next time.
Catch you later,
Den x