Well, hasn’t the world become a topsy turvey place since we last spoke?

Word around the yard is that you humans are all having to stay in your stables for the time being with only limited turnout. I imagine it feels a bit like ‘spring grass time’ does for us. You want to spend all day outside enjoying the sunshine and stuffing your face, but your mum says you have to stay in your stable so you don’t get too fat. Is that about the measure of it for you guys? I thought so.

Well here’s my lowdown on the lockdown. Lockdown for us horses is a bit like an unexpected holiday – one of those last minute package deals that you didn’t know you needed.

We’re all happy as Larry with the beautiful sunshine we’ve been having. We’re not having to do as much work and the extra love and attention we get when our mums and dads do come and see us is just lovely. Plus the grass is creeping through more and more each day, so we’re even at risk of putting on a few ‘holiday’ pounds! I’d say the only downside for me is that I’m having to spend more time with little (big) brother DeCoeur, as we’re now living ‘al fresco’ 24/7, but it’s not been so bad.

I actually heard over the stable door that our mum, Harri, was on a trip to the Far East when this all kicked off. I don’t know where the Far East is, but it sounds a long way away. DeCoeur reckons it’s where the horse-type creatures with the big humps on their backs live, but what does he know?

Anyway, mum was meant to be on holiday for a whole month, but ended up coming back two weeks early on one of the last flights! I was quite pleased to hear she was back, as I thought I’d get my welcome home gift sooner, but then I heard she had to go into isolation (like box rest) for another two weeks.

But all was not lost! Grandpops (mum’s dad) had already put an order in with the lovely people at Comfy Horse HQ and, blissfully unaware to me, gifts were happily winging their way to my stable door. Or, so I thought.

It seems the delivery man got the wrong stable because some beautiful new Stubben De Luxe stirrup leathers and an ECOGOLD dressage saddlepad ended up on DeCoeur’s back, not mine. The saddle pad distinctly says it has a special “Frictionless™ surface that provides gentle soothing relief to the sensitive horse” – it practically has my name on it!

Don’t worry, I’ll sort this mix up out in due course, but in the meantime remember you can get all your Comfy Horse items delivered straight to your (correct) doorstep at no additional cost – it’s their small way to help us all out in the current crisis.

I was so pleased to see mum when she did finally make it back up the yard after her box rest. The humans are only allowed on the yard at set times and mum’s slot is 6am to 7am. It’s a little unsociable while one is on a partial holiday, but it is what it is. I set my alarm for around 5.30am to make sure I beat DeCoeur to the gate.

Mum gets us both in and rides me one day and then DeCoeur the next, followed by a day off. It’s great because I can watch DeCoeur strutting his stuff from the safety of the stable and then give him my critique when he returns. He’s going to improve so much during lockdown and it’s all thanks to me!

Although our mum has made the choice to ride us, we realise some people are choosing not to. If your human is opting not to ride, why not give them a nudge over to the Comfy Horse website where they’ll find a range of long lines and inhand schooling products to keep us happy, supple and comfy?

I’m game if you are – these muscles aren’t going to work themselves, plus I hear a bit of groundwork is the perfect way to bond with your favourite human. And at times like these, we all need a bit of extra love.

Take care of yourselves – and stay in your stables, people!

Until next time,

Den x