Comfy Horse Saddlepad Sale!

What better to do on a wet Saturday than pick a new saddlepad?! Available for a limited time only.. All our saddlepads have been especially handpicked by us because they are breathable, have soft material next to the skin and are therefore very comfy for the horse.. Saddlepads and Saddlecloths – The Comfy Horse Company ...

Going bitless? Try Comfy Connections

Flower hackamore bridle

Back in January 2020 (where did that year go?!) we launched our exclusive Comfy Connections range. The range of bitless bridles is exactly what you’d expect from us at Comfy Horse – they’re all made here in the UK from finest English leather and lined in sheepskin for extra softness. Each part is designed to perfectly fit your horse and help ...

Our Winter Sale is ON

Great bargains on all your favourite brands Kerrits – Powerstretch kneepatch was £85 now £71.20 Kerrits Bit of Puff Vest – now only £50 Kerrits one-off bargains on ice-fil and microcord tights Catago cooler rugs = £20 off! Equetech Competition shirts, Quilted Jackets and Show Capes – great deals Kavalkade waterproof exercise sheet &#821 ...

Free leadrope offer!

Catago Faux fur halter

Is anyone in need of some good news? Our special offer is back!! FREE matching leadrope with every Catago faux fur halter while stocks last! This halter is very soft and luxurious with rose gold fittings Catago Faux Fur Halter – The Comfy Horse Company ...

All about CATAGO

All about CATAGO

Our newest brand CATAGO embody Scandinavian style and design. Their focus is on protection and quality, paired with innovative functional materials to provide maximum comfort for the horse – so perfect for all our Comfy Horses! A Danish family company, operated and owned by Pernille Lausen and her brother Per Lausen, the company was founded by ...

🎁 Happy Christmas from Comfy Horse!🎁

Happy Christmas from Comfy Horse

Thanks to all our wonderful customers and suppliers for your loyal support and we hope you have a peaceful, safe Christmas. As a small family business we appreciate every one of you. Thanks also to Claire and Laura for all your hard work sending out those comfy gifts! We will reopen on Monday 4th January 2021. ...

We’re having a ball! (And getting fitter at the same time!)

Franklin Balls Full Pilates set

Having battled through a year of lockdowns and restrictions, we’ve probably all turned to fitness more than we would have done in a normal year – if only briefly! Whether Joe Wicks has been your tonic of choice or your regular class has entered your living room thanks to the magic of Zoom, most of us have had more time to try new things.

You might also have been lucky enough to spend more time with your horses, finally nailing that shoulder-in or watching back old dressage tests to pinpoint areas for improvement.

But what about combining our fitness plan with our horses’? What about pilates on horseback?

A balancing act

How, we hear you cry? Through the power of Franklin Balls, that’s how. The balls sit between you and the saddle, or under your arms and thighs, while you ride. Although it may sound like a bit of a balancing act (well, it quite literally is one) the idea is to help you become more flexible and aware of your movements in the saddle to help you and your horse be more comfortable.

We are big fans here at The Comfy Horse Company; our feeling is that a more flexible rider equals a more comfortable horse and you’ll find your horse responds to the greater freedom of movement.

The story behind the balls

Franklin Balls are a key part of a movement concept by sports scientist Eric Franklin. Franklin first established his method at the beginning of the 1980s as Imaginative Bewegungspädagogik®, (don’t worry there’s no spelling test at the end of this!) which translates to ‘imaginative movement education’.

Sports educator and movement expert, Eckart Meyners then came along and integrated body and movement training into riding lessons, which he has been doing with the balls for more than three decades.

Join the movement

We’re proud to sell the Franklin Balls in two sets – the horse rider set and the full pilates set. The full set has some extra balls that can be used off of your horse to improve flexibility and coordination on the ground. 

Here’s a little look at how Franklin Balls affect the rider’s body:

– Placing the ball under the seat bones between you and the saddle eases away tension and promotes greater awareness of the seat. Use them here for walk, sitting trot (yes, rising is impossible, don’t even bother trying!) and canter.

– Placing a couple of balls under the arms improves your rein contact, promoting softness.

– Placing balls under the thighs influences the aids.

As you can tell, these balls are very versatile!

Hot off the press!

Franklin Ball instruction booklet

We’re excited to have published our first instructional leaflet to go with the ball sets. It tells you more about the balls, their benefits and how to use them, based on information provided by Meyners.

You’ll find the leaflet covers everything from the theory, to inflating the balls and getting started with them, plus some exercises focusing on different areas of the body.

You can view and purchase the sets here: