We sell Mattes saddlepads because of their superior quality and softness against your horse’s skin. In addition you can create your own colour combinations to suit you and your horse at an affordable price.

You can choose from cotton, velvet, sheepskin trimmed, sheepskin lined and in any shape or size. Two or four pocket correction systems are also available and the Mattes Spinefix system which is a safe and quick system for accurate fastening of combinations – For example: Half Numnahs with under or over Saddlepads. Please enquire if interested.

The saddlepads incorporate Poly-flex® lining which ensures the product retains its shape whilst in use and after washing. The inner fabric is velour, which helps to prevent friction and ensures comfort for the horse. The outer quilt fabric is a velvet or a quality grade cotton combined with polyamide fibres, which has excellent piling properties and superior colour fastness compared to 100% cotton.

The velvet outer has a soft sheen and is slightly more padded than the cotton quilt.




Measurements of MATTES ® Saddlepads and Numnahs

Mattes Saddlepads and Numnahs are made to fit exactly into the gullet of the saddle. (Anatomically correct)

A – B All Saddlepads and Numnahs
PONY 47,0cm
COB 54,0cm
FULL 58,0cm
XL 62,0cm


C – D All Saddlepads and Numnahs except Half Numnahs
PONY 46,5cm 50,0cm 47,0cm
COB 49,5cm 53,0cm 48,0cm
FULL 51,5cm 56,0cm 50,0cm
XL 51,5cm 56,0cm 50,0cm


E – F Half Numnah Numnah EUROFIT Saddlepads
PONY 20,0cm 20,0cm 20,0cm 20,0cm 34,0cm 47,0cm 35,0cm
COB 21,5cm 21,5cm 21,5cm 21,5cm 36,0cm 50,0cm 36,0cm
FULL 21,5cm 21,5cm 21,5cm 21,5cm 38,0cm 53,0cm 38,0cm
XL 23,5cm 23,5cm 23,5cm 23,5cm 38,0cm 53,0cm 38,0cm

G – H Numnah EUROFIT Saddlepads and Square Saddlepad
PONY 35,5cm 35,0cm 39,0cm 57,0cm 50,5cm 64,0cm
COB 38,0cm 37,0cm 42,0cm 62,5cm 56,0cm 69,0cm
FULL 41,5cm 38,5cm 46,0cm 68,0cm 60,0cm 74,0cm
XL 41,5cm 38,5cm 46,0cm 73,5cm 66,0cm 74,0cm

Measurements for Long Distance and Baroque Pad same as Square Pad GP or DR, see above.

The Benefits of Sheepskin

The natural properties of genuine sheepskin cannot be imitated by knitted wool or fleece products, there is almost no chemical treatment of the wool, it is 100% natural. The extremely dense nature of the wool combined with the upright position of the fibres, allows air to flow through for excellent circulation, providing padding and ideal pressure distribution, eliminating rubbing, pressure points and heat build-up on the horses back. Natural sheepskin also provides extremely high sweat absorption; the wool fibres are capable of absorbing eight times their own weight in moisture before they even begin to feel wet! This saddlepad incorporates Spinefree® construction which prevents any pressure in the wither area and along the spine.

General Care

Please allow the product to dry immediately after it has become damp or wet. If the material has gone stiff, just knead it to soften it again. The wool should be brushed frequently. All parts which are exposed to the horses sweat during use, need special care. These should be thoroughly dried after every use, then before the next use, brush the wool with a grooming brush. Numnahs and Saddlepads should generally be placed on top of the saddle wool side up when storing the saddle. When dry, before saddling, brush and shake the wool to remove horsehair and dried sweat and dirt residue. This assures the full function of the Numnah / Saddlepad, it also saves you a lot of washing and prolongs the overall lifetime of the product.

Washing and cleaning instructions

Before washing it is essential that you:-

  1. a) Remove Poly-flex® shims from the Correction® systems if applicable to your product
  2. b) Remove saddle-fix® if fitted
  3. c) Remove any plastic support interiors in the girths
  4. d) Fasten together Velcro keepers

Mattes special washing liquid ‘MELP’ is biodegradable. It is a highly concentrated mix of washing agents and fatliquors used for the manufacture of their own sheepskins. ‘MELP’ has regreasing properties, thus restoring the elasticity and other natural properties of the wool, the leather and also the textile materials used in our products. It is also ideal for washing washable leather goods. Your usual detergents could possibly harden the leather and could make the wool brittle or matted. Common detergents can contain components which are very damaging to sheepskin. If you cannot use MELP, please use a liquid detergent – do not use powder detergents, which will clog the wool. Most Mattes products can be hand washed or machine washed at 30 degrees Celsius or less. Washing at above 30 degrees Celsius will cause shrinkage of the products. Please look at the labels affixed to each individual product.

If you require any help or assistance with your Mattes purchase please do not hesitate to contact us – we will be pleased to help!