A Guide to Grazing Muzzles!

Posted on March 17, 2024
A guide to grazing muzzles!

Here at Comfy Horse, we often get asked what is the best and the comfiest grazing muzzle?

The owners that come to us are usually quite desperate and sometimes emotional about finding a solution to a common problem. The way we keep horses on pastureland which is much richer than in the wild, has led to issues such as:

  • Obesity -even with limited turnout, and careful hay management some horses keep piling on the weight!
  • Joint issues- linked to the above, too much weight can lead to much strain on those limbs,
  • Laminitis- extremely serious and painful condition affecting the feet,
  • Ulcers- restricting feed to try and reduce the weight can lead to these forming,
  • Colic- excess grass or changed of pasture i.e summer/winter turnout changes.

Potential ways to manage this could be:

  • Restrict number of hours out in the field

Horses love to be out and various studies have shown the more time in the stable the more unhappy and bored they can be. Plus the more hours they can be out the better, in order to allow movement and socialisation with the herd.

  • Strip grazing

I tried this with my own horse Guinness, the problem for me was whenever I moved the fence,  he would run to the new area and eat it quickly. Plus whatever I tried he developed a knack of pushing under or into the electric fence to grab even more. When all that failed he even resorted to jumping the fence into the greener side!!

  • Track system

The system of creating tracks round the land with hay stations and water at various intervals together with different terrains, shelter etc. is fantastic for horses to live a natural life. However unless you have your own land and a lot of time and energy they are difficult to establish and maintain.

So grazing muzzles can be ideal!!

Until recently the options on the market were far from ideal.

They were tight, confining and made of harsh material. This could cause problems such as rubbing, wearing of the teeth and the horse was unable to be sociable in the herd.  

Sadly none of these options were suitable to stock here at Comfy Horse.

So we were delighted when the thinline flexible filly slow feed grazing muzzle was invented.

This uniquely flexible horse grazing muzzle lets horses safely enjoy grass while also being able to drink water. The breathable shape allows for maximum air flow and ventilation. The flexible soft material ensures no rubs. And finally it even has UV protection for those delicate pink noses!

Don’t take our word for it here are some reviews from our brilliant customers!

5 STARS – “I’ve been really impressed with this muzzle. My horse is happy to wear it, I cut the hole to a 4cm hole as I just wanted to reduce his grass intake not starve him 😂. Customer service was fantastic, really impressed. Thank you Claire and Laura” Faye

5 STARS – “Horse happily wears it and has lost a girth hole !!!” Joanna

5 STARS – “Absolutely brilliant. Only muzzle she doesn’t try to keep removing. Ingenious design and horse truly does not seem too bothered as it’s so light and airy.” Jennifer

The muzzle attaches on with zip ties, which are specially rated to break in the case of the muzzle getting caught up.

This combined with the Thinline breakaway turnout halter makes it a very safe muzzle for use in the field.

The breakaway halter features holes to thread the zip ties through which secures the grazing muzzle in place. The noseband is roomy to avoid rubs and the thin leather strap at the top with snap if your horse gets into difficulty.  

All Thinline products do come with a 30 day money back guarantee. We just ask that any returns are clean and as new as possible with no alterations.

There is also a limited 90 day period in case of manufacturing faults, please see grazing muzzle description for full details.

Here at Comfy Horse we are very happy to provide a full service when it comes to sizing and fitting your new muzzle.

Simple email with pictures of your horse and we can guide you to the correct muzzle size.

Once fitted with the temporary ties feel free to send us further pictures so we can check the fitting is correct and adjust if necessary.   If its easier feel free to What’s app us on 07948 750443

We also offer some great bundles so you can save £’s when you buy the muzzle and halter together. Grazing Muzzle and Halter bundle | Flexible Breakaway Halter (comfyhorse.co.uk)

In addition the ultimate bundle contains muzzle, halter padding kit and even spare zip ties. For the refitting the muzzle later or if your cheeky pony breaks any!

Grazing Muzzle Ultimate bundle – The Comfy Horse Company

We hope you find the muzzle helps you turnout your horses for as long as possible and provides peace of mind and a natural environment. Because every horse deserves to be a Comfy Horse!

The full range of products can be found here Grazing Muzzles and Field Protection – The Comfy Horse Company

We hope this guide to grazing muzzles helps!

Laura, Claire & The Comfy Horse Team xx

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